Impression Sink


This semi-round sink is a freeform (imperfect round).  The sink's artistic style makes it perfect for any decor, home or commercial.  The width of the basin is 14" front to back and 16" asymmetrical round.  Center drain opening.  The depth is 2" at the drain and varies throughout.  This small sink work anywhere.  Use it instead of the usual and boring round or oval under-mount sink.  It is interesting and perfect for small spaces.  Since this sink is very shallow, make sure your faucet produces lower water pressure to avoid splash over.  

The (D) dimension is standard at 22.5 inches, the edge height of this vanity is a standard 2 inches.  Colors are Natural, Minimalist and Vibrant.  The Natural Colors are Standard while the Minimalist and Vibrant are offered at an up-charge.  Call 602-309-1272 for questions.